Express Packing has a comprehensive automotive parts packing operation.3x

Plastic parts are packed using specific dunnage to protect the part while in transit. All class “A” surfaces are protected from marring, scratching or denting.  Metal parts are preserved by either using VCI, Bagging the material in a vacuum sealed bag, or lightly spraying a spray on the products that can be removed once material has landed.

Express Packing can build your crate for you, or we can pack your parts for you.  We offer both a pickup and a delivery service in order to get your material to us.  We can load and unload shipments at our dock for you, then pack and preserve your parts.  You can have your shipping company or container company pick up at our location or we can deliver back to you.  We take photos from the beginning of our packing project to the end for your peace of mind.

We track your material from the point it is received until it leaves our dock.  If we deliver the material back to you we will have you sign off that you received your automotive parts in the correct container and in good condition.  Express Packing can work with bulk or lot quantities.



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