The mark shown below is to certify that the wood packaging material that bears the mark has been subjected to an approved measure.


The mark should at minimum include the:

  • Symbol
  • ISO two letter country code followed by a unique number assined by the NPPO to the producer of the wood packaging material, who is responsible for ensuring appropriate wood is used and properly marked.
  • IPPC abbreviation according to Annex I for the approved measure used (e.g. HT, MB).

NPPOs, producers or suppliers may at their discretion add control numbers or other information used for identifying specific lots. Where debarking is required the letters DB should be added to the abbreviation of the approved measure. Other information may also be included provided it is not confusing, misleading, or deceptive.

Marking should be:

  • According to the model shown here
  • Permanent and not transferable
  • Placed in a visible location, preferably on at least two opposite sides of the article being certified.

The use of red or orange should be avoided since these colors are used in the labeling of dangerous goods.

Recycled, remanufactured or repaired wood packaging material should be re-certified and remarked. All components of such material should have been treated.

Shippers should be encouraged to use appropriately marked wood for dunnage.

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